Embroidery Digitizing

An art of converting digital photos into a format through which we can perform embroidery with the help of Embroidery machine. There are many types of techniques through which any digital photo can be digitized but in digitizing the digital photo has to be converted in a format which is recognizable by embroidery machine so that embroidery can be performed on any fabric.


We all have seen exclusive and elegant embroidery designs all of this is done by method called Embroidery Digitizing. Maple Digitizing company accepts artwork in all machine-readable formats. Once we receive the artwork, we modify it for better clarity and evaluate better results then our Qualified digitizers work on the format of artwork making it readable by Embroidery Machine. The artwork is then provided in the format according to clients demands.

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Vector Conversion

We convert your raster images into vector artwork by manually redrawing. Maple Digitizing Company provides manually drawn images with good quality, conversions and according to customer’s demand and range.


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Embroidered Patches

Our main product is Embroidered patches or customary embroidered patches. You can get premium custom embroidered patches with high-quality in reasonable prices. We provide you different backing options like Velcro, Iron on, peel and stick, and others. Maple Digitizing Company has experienced designers and Digitizers and it also provides you digitizing work service for custom patches in-house. We also work on gaming embroidery patches.


The making of customized Embroidered patches is time taking process:

  • First the client has to place a request for an estimated data.
  • Then we’ll process the request and provide the cost and stitching details according to the client's order.
  • If the customer agrees with the details given for their order we prepare a sample and forward it to the customer.
  • Now, the customer will go through practical details of the sample and have to pay the price of their order.
  • Once we receive the amount, the order will be processed and shipped to the customer on their shipping address.
  • The tracking code is also provided to the customer so that they can track their order.
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In the process of Sublimation, the sublimated prints are obtained by transferring the ink on the substance by the help of heating the color changes into vapors which gives a style on a surface and helps in blending it completely.


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